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About Us

Palandöken Bread has been serving our precious people in İnegöl since 1998 with its experience and experience from the past. Palandöken Bread opened its branch next to the green mosque in 2010 and aims to increase the number of service points in inegöl to 3 and to increase your valuable customer service quality.
As Palandöken Bread we offer a wide range of bread products such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread as well as quality breads, pastries, dry pastry and dry breads, as well as high quality ingredients in our products with professional and experienced pastry masters. With a wide variety of pastry varieties serving you. Surgeon produces natural unadulterated village breads made by using local water and natural bread yeast in our village in our town. We offer it to our esteemed customers taste ...
Palandoken bread, flavor that is not lacking from the tables ....

Palandöken Ekmek Fırını - Katkısız Doğal Lezzet- İnegöl Ekmek- İnegöl Diyabetik Unlu Mamüller, İnegöl Diyabetik baklava, İnegöl Diyabetik kek, İnegöl Diyabetik  ekmek , İnegöl Pasta , İnegöl Diyabetik kuru pasta

Our Values